Friday, 3 October 2014

QUIX (re:


On-Line since 23 November 2002
Now more easily "found" via our updated URL (of):


  1. After approximately 15 years of (mostly) unreliable and oft times UNSTABLE website redirection settings that were (supposed to be robustly) established upon the pre-setup of our 2002 "REGISTERED" NZ Domain Name URL/TLD, when it was either NOT correctly provisioned (or after having the original 2002 provisioning settings correctly set, having been sporadically amd mysteriously UNSET / altered - whenever a NEWBIE technician got bored at his workbench, deep inside the coding/support IT rooms of the Telecom-NZ/Xtra/Spark system control rooms, over the years since).?

    It appears to be STABLE now.
    ie: THIS should work and be visible.
    Not as a mapped (actuallly looks like our website) website - mind, but just as a CHEAPLY CLOAKED redirection .?
    But at least it's landing now, upon our 2002 "QUIX . CO . NZ" website.

    So that there's now, MORE_THAN a SECOND (& more ways) to get an option that allows YOU to go across onto our 2002 "self-created website", which was "self-built" (by us) inside Microsoft's coding on a library computer (In Alexandra, Central Otago, NZ) - to become a LIVE BUILD - back in 2002, which has, over the years since, been migrated quite successfully thanks, by Microsoft, across MANY different TLD/URL platforms and severs within & now outside of Microsoft, to be stationed now, alongside and complimentary with, our other 21+ WordPress blogs/websites) at WordPress:

    Which is directly viewable:
    Either by it's (previously public & still accessible) OLD method, (& thus has always been easily found) via the full-format PHONETICAL spelling of our TLD/URL, by way of this long-word:

    Thus get there the 2002 "hard way" - via:

    Use the 2002 (NZ registered) SHORT-FORM of our TLD/URL:

  2. p.s:
    As we have had significant problems in the past 15 years, trying to get Telecom NZ / Xtra (internal service staff) to keep their little fingers OFF the original provisioning settings, ever since 2002:
    WE deliberately undertook our own preventative measures program, (starting in about 2006 - 2008) to register several alternative TLD/URL's (via a different registrant ISP) - such that now, many of which also redirect (cloaked & uncloaked) into all sorts of pages, being one's later created as auxiliary pages at that 2002 website, or towards others at both WordPress and elsewhere on the internet, such as into Auckland's BIG IDEA (an artist's charity website where we could also ensure our logo was COPYRIGHTED as a word-mark and dated as such), then we aimed others at the likes of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Blogspot, Google & +Google etc., etc.

    Such as these - which go - well everywhere actually..:

    All created to ensure that EVERYONE at some stage - will traipse across ONE of our many, TLD/URL/Blog type "contra-web-trails", somewhere on the ever growing VAST internet, (in WordPress and beyond) where you WILL be then able to easily do a virtual-walk-around within each of our sites, as well as doing a "work-around" across the [LINKS] we have created therein, jumping (literally) across several hundred web-pages / blogs / websites / chatrooms / etc., that we have created (as an introverted auxiliary "private-highway" use of the outer internet web resources - that are hidden inside itself), such that we now have this set-solid, as a MAIN HIGHWAY - of sorts, running deep inside the master world-wide-web, whereupon - our "interlaced web trail" method looks like a breadcrumb (chain) trail of interconnecting [links], leaping across ISP's and different hosting or web platforms, to somehow, somewhere, [LINK] or redirect - back to the ONE MASTER "original" 2002 self-built website of ours.

    Oh and then there's the interactive Gravatar "icon" !!
    (designed to tell you a LITTLE bit about webpage authors)
    That the author (on Facebook as) found long ago.

    It's (done) in the QUIX™ author's own (QUIX4U™) style of website-blurb-page format - & thus placed deep-set within that Gravatar "icon" platform too.!!!

    >> If it can be used, just use it.
    >> & If it's FREE - "use it often"